Denver Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

Thomas C. “Doc” Miller is much more than a criminal defense lawyer.  He wore a blue collar working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and as a journalist for 10 years in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas.  Doc attended Oxford College in the United Kingdom, earned his Master’s Degree in English from Middlebury College and Doctorate of Juris Prudence at DU. Doc also owned a successful private investigations firm in Denver for a decade.  In 1987, Doc first testified as a forensic document examiner and became recognized internationally as a handwriting expert through his analysis in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation.  Today he brings that lifetime of experience to protect the rights of people who face criminal charges. If you want an honest and straightforward lawyer, who returns calls quickly, answers your questions and fights for you, you want Doc Miller.  If your case requires a trial, you can rely on Doc to use all his knowledge, skills, and resources to investigate your case and fight for  justice.  Hire Doc Miller!  Why?  Because he Wins!

Practice Areas

Doc protects the rights of people who face all types of criminal charges including:

  • All DUI, DWAI and Traffic Violations
  • Assault and/or Domestic Violence
  • Burglary, Robbery, Theft, Arson
  • Drug Possession
  • Forgery, Fraud, Forensic Handwriting
  • Investigations
  • Homicide
  • Protection Order, Probation and Parole Violations
  • White Collar Crimes and Rico

Doc does it all! He handles everything from Traffic Violations to Murder, even winning insanity cases. Doc does what it takes to craft a solid criminal defense. If you have been accused of a crime, call our office NOW. Let Doc carry your burden.