Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Impressive Forensic Document Examiner

Han Law Group llc

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Aurora Colorado 80014


June 12, 2016

Re: Thomas “Doc” Miller, Esq.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a professional reference for Mr. Thomas “Doc” Miller, Esq. who our firm retained as a forensic document examiner for one of our largest and most complex divorce and property division cases.

Although Mr. Miller’s reputation as a skilled and highly sought after Forensic Document Examiner precedes him, we found ourselves impressed with how personable, professional and effective he is. Not only were the results of his analysis conveyed in a clear and compelling fashion but his testimony was effortless, he was affable and because of the credibility he earned at trial, the Opposing Counsel’s attempts to challenge his conclusions proved absolutely futile.

Without reservation, I would recommend Mr. Miller as a forensic document examiner as I have seen firsthand just how impactful and outcome determinative he is as an expert witness.


Christine Han, Esq.

Han Law Group, LLC

– Christine Han (5 star review)

Puts His Clients Ahead of Himself

I am a man of few words and even less likely to attest to any other mans abilities, as actions speak louder than words….But in this instance, I am compelled to share my admiration of Attorney “Doc” Miller. I witnessed unparalleled eloquence and human compassion coupled with his experience, understanding, and application of the law, putting us as his clients ahead of himself.

– Greg

I thank all of you so much.

Before meeting with Doc, I talked with 7 other attorneys, all of which said they could get me a good “plea deal”. They didn’t care to hear my story or find out if I was telling the truth…. Every penny spent was worth the freedom and gaining my life back. I thank all of you so much.

– Denisha

Thank you Doc for giving me back my life

Doc Miller accepted an incredibly difficult case fighting against a relentless D.A. representing systemic corruption and abuse of the incarcerated.  He not only took my case, but made me feel like a human being again after the horrific treatment I endured and witnessed.  Thanks to Doc, great improvements in the treatment of individuals in the Jefferson County work release program, probation, and the treatment center have taken place.  Our case made a significant difference.  Thank you Doc for giving me back my life and ensuring the safety and welfare of those who follow.

– William