The Players (January 2010)

The Players (January 2010)

Through her death and the failure of American justice to offer any redress of the crime, JonBenet Ramsey affected the treatment of every defendant, victim, or family member of either in the United States of America. Now, we know that there are two justice systems; one for most, a kinder, gentler system for the rich.

The names of the hundreds of persons associated with this single sideshow to the Ramsey investigation represents only a few of the tens of thousands of persons touched in one way or another through the course of the case. These persons are not fictional. They are the living, breathing persons who gave, lost or gained through the Prostitution of Justice in the JonBenet Ramsey story.

Bryan Abas – Westword reporter.

Ellis Armstead – A private investigator employed by the Ramsey lawyers. Mr. Armstead continues to work as a private investigator as president of Hartland Investigative Group, which originates from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. He later assisted in the defense of Timothy McVeigh.

Linda Arndt – The Boulder Police Detective at the Ramsey home after JonBenet was discovered deaad. Following the debacle at the crime scene under Ms. Arndt’s supervision, and its publicity, Ms. Arndt suffered national derision. She departed the Boulder Police Department and later sued her former employer.

Marilyn Vanderbur-Atler – A former Miss America and sexual abuse survivor. Ms. Vanderbur-Atler remains devoted to her husband. Mr. Atler underwent surgery in 2009. They live in Denver.

Michele Austin – Ex-wife of author, Thomas C. “Doc” Miller, who provided information to the CBI in the commercial bribery investigation. Ms. Austin lives in Englewood, Colorado.

Ann Louise Bardach – An American author and journalist. Wrote the Vanity Fairarticle “ Who Killed JonBenet?” September 1977. She is considered the go-to journalist on all things Cuba and Miami having authored “ Without Fidel” and “Cuba Confidential.”

Wally Barrett – Private investigator hired by Miller’s lawyers. Mr. Barrett continues to live and work in Denver.

Mark Beckner – Boulder Police Commander who replaced Tom Kolby as chief of police and who remains in that position to this day.

Dr. Francesco Beuf – JonBenet’s pediatrician. Dr. Beuf, at age 76, still practices medicine in Boulder.

Peter Boyles – Denver radio talk-show host at station KHOW-AM. Mr. Boyles remains a top performing radio personality in the morning drive time slot.

Andrew Bradley – A handwriting expert consulted with in the search for the ransom note. Mr. Bradley continues at his profession.

Dennis Brech – Friend of Jay Elowsky and Head Minister of Mount Hope Lutheran Church in Boulder, Colorado.

Charlie Brennan – A reporter for Denver’s Rocky Mountain News. The newspaper closed in 2009 after 140 years. Mr. Brennan had moved to television as a reporter for the local Denver FOX News channel years earlier.

Robert Brown – The lead CBI Investigator in the case against Craig Lewis and the author, Thomas C. “Doc” Miller. Mr. Brown retired from the CBI and moved to Florida.

Patrick Burke – The Denver defense lawyer hired to represent Patsy Ramsey. Mr. Burke continues to practice law in Denver.

David Burkhalter – The lead Investigator for the Jefferson County District Attorney in the charges against Craig Lewis and the author, Thomas C.”Doc Miller.”

Mike Bynum – Boulder lawyer and friend first contacted by the Ramseys. Mr. Bynum retired from Crisman, Bynam & Johnson, the firm he founded, and lives in Moab, Utah.

Brian Cabell – CNN correspondent who interviewed John and Patsy Ramsey on January 1, 1997. Now a news director for an Upper Michigan TV station.

Patricia Calhoun – Editor of Westword, a Weekly Denver tabloid.

George Campbell – An employee of Rockwell Int., Inc., part of the “Rocky Flats 5.”

Susannah Chase – Boulder co-ed murdered in 1997. Ms. Chase’s murder was solved in 2009 when DNA evidence left at the crime scene linked her assailant, Olmos Alcalde, to the murder. Mr. Alcalde was spared the death penalty at the request of Ms. Chase’s parents.

Raj Chohan – Boulder assignment reporter for Denver’s KCNC television station, a CBS affiliate. Mr. Chohan graduated from the University of Denver Law School in 2007, and continues to work as a reporter and legal analyst for KCNC in Denver.

Ward Churchill – An American writer and political activist. He was Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His 2001 essay about the World Trade Center victims drew severe criticism. Churchill filed a lawsuit and was denied financial compensation and reinstatement at CU Boulder.

Frank Coffman – Boulder Halloween mask maker and free-lance writer. Mr. Coffman continues his work as a Boulder artist.

Jane Cracraft – Former news reporter for the Denver Post and private investigator. Former partner in investigative firm of Brown & Cracraft. Ms. Cracraft is retired and lives in Denver.

Michelle Czopek – One of twelve Ramsey grand jurors who was interviewed by Lawrence Schiller on Court TV in 2006.

Michael DiManna – Denver divorce lawyer for author, Thomas C. “Doc” Miller. Mr. DiManna still practices law in Colorado.

John Douglas – Renowned former FBI criminal profiler and consultant to the Ramsey lawyers. Mr. Douglas is retired.

Leslie Durgin – Boulder Mayor at the time of JonBenet’s murder. Ms. Durgin remains active in Boulder politics and is the President of Planned Parenthood.

John Eller – The Commander of the Boulder Police Department detective division. Mr. Eller retired to Florida.

Jay Elowsky – A Ramsey friend, confidant and business partner with John Ramsey. Jay “Pasta Jay” Elowsky still packs them in at his Boulder restaurant.

Jack Erfurd – An employee of Rockwell Int., Inc. and one of the “Rocky Flats 5.”

John and Barbara Fernie – Ramsey friends. Mr. Fernie works as a real estate developer for McStain Enterprises. They live in Boulder.

Donald Foster – A Vassar College English professor and language/text analyst. Professor Foster remains on the faculty of Vassar College. He assisted in the FBI in the anthrax attack of 2001. He was sued for his work in the anthrax case along with Vassar College and Reader’s Digest Association.

Rick French – The First Boulder police officer at the Ramsey home following the 911 call. Mr. French still works as a Boulder police officer.

Tony Frost – Editor-in-Chief of tabloid magazine, The Globe. Mr. Frost continued to edit The Globe until 2008.

Patrick Furman – The University of Colorado law professor and lawyer for Patsy Ramsey. Mr. Furman continues to teach as a law professor at CU and frequently publishes in the area of law.

Stanley Garrett – Boulder District Attorney elected in 2009. He has not provided any statement of progress in the JonBenet case of 2010.

Gil Garsetti – Former Los Angeles District Attorney who lost his job following the OJ Simpson trial in 1995.  Mr. Garsetti is an avid urban photographer and consulting producer for TNT’s the Closer.

Don Gentile – A managing reporter for tabloid magazine, National Enquirer. Mr. Gentile was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of the National Inquirer and continues as a Senior Reporter .

Debbie Golitz – Denver family counselor.

Richard Gooding – A tabloid reporter for The Star. Mr. Gooding is now the Senior Investigative Reporter for The Star.

Ron Gossage – Boulder Police Detective. Mr. Gossage remains employed by the Boulder Police Department.

William Gray – A Ramsey lawyer. Mr. Gray continues to practice law in Boulder.

Chuck Green – Writer for the Denver Post and is now retired.

Hal Haddon – The Denver defense lawyer and Democrat strategist whose firm represented John Ramsey, et. al.. Mr. Haddon remains a senior partner at Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordan, Mackey and Foreman. Mr. Haddon serves on a ten member committee in charge of selecting Federal Judges, He was appointed to that position in 2009 by Colorado Senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennett.

Bill Hagmaier – Unit Chief for the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes. Mr. Hagmaier is retired and a consultant to Department of Justice Amber Alert Program. He serves on the Attorney General’s National Task Force on Missing Persons.

Ira Haimann – An engineer for Boulder’s Specialized Engineering who was attacked with a baseball bat by Ramsey friend, Jay Elowsky.

Dennis Hall – The Chief Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County who prosecuted Craig Lewis and Thomas C. “Doc” Miller. Mr. Hall was appointed as a District Court Judge in Jefferson County in 2008.

Niki Hayden – A reporter for Boulder’s Daily Camera newspaper. Ms. Hayden now edits Colorado Home and Garden Lover’s Guide, published in Golden, Colorado .

Dr. Andrew Hodges, M.D. – Psychiatrist and psycholinguist who wrote “ Moms Gone Bad” and “ Who Will Speak for JonBenet?” Dr. Hodges published “ Into the Deep – the Hidden Confession of Natalie’s Killer” in 2007.Dr. Hodges resides in Alabama.

Peter Hofstrom – Chief of the felony division in the Boulder District Attorney’s office. Mr. Hofstrom retired from the District Attorney’s office in 2005. He is now in private practice in Boulder.

Rev. Rol Hoverstock – The family minister who protected John and Patsy Ramsey from the press during memorial services for JonBenet. Rev. Hoverstock remains as the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder.

Alex Hunter – Boulder County District Attorney from 1972-2000. Mr. Hunter retired.

Scott Jurden – Denver defense lawyer for Dan Recht. Mr. Jurden continues to practice law in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Michael Kane – The Special Prosecutor for the Boulder Grand Jury. Mr. Kane was appointed the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency in 2005. He remains in that position.

John Mark Karr – An elementary school teacher arrested as JonBenet’s murderer in 2006. Following the filing and immediate dismissal charges by Boulder District Attorney, Mary Keenan lacy, Mr. Karr was returned to California to face pornography charges, which were also dismissed.  Mr. Karr lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

David Kendall – Politically connected Washington DC defense lawyer for Bill Clinton and America Media Corporation. Mr. Kendall presently works on diverse matters involving, criminal investigation and is involved in the Clinton Library. He was selected as a “Super Lawyer” 2007-2009.

Tom Kolby – Boulder Chief of Police. Mr. Kolby works as the Director of Tango, a philanthropic arm of a Boulder Venture Capital Firm. He lives in California.

Rick Kornfeld – Denver defense lawyer for author, Thomas C “Doc” Miller. Mr. Kornfeld returned to Issacson Rosenbaum in 2007. He practices criminal defense in Denver.

Pat Korton – The public relations expert hired by the Ramseys in 1996. Mr. Korton works for the Knights of Columbus as the Vice President of Communications, and in that capacity for the Cato Institute in Washington D.C.

Mary Keenan Lacy – Boulder County District Attorney from 2000-2008. Ms. Keenan-Lacy replaced Alex Hunter. She had John Mark Karr arrested in 2006 for JonBenet’s murder and left office in 2008.

Chuck Leidner – Denver defense lawyer for author, Thomas C “Doc” Miller. Mr. Leidner continues to practice law in Denver.

Craig Lewis – Editor for tabloid magazine, The Globe. Mr. Lewis lives in Austin, Texas, where he works in marketing.

David Liebman – Independent handwriting expert hired by Darney Hoffman.  Mr. Liebman continues in his expertise.

George E. Lohr – Colorado Appellate Court judge. Judge Lohr is retired but continues to be active in the Colorado Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Educations program.

Catherine Murray Lolk – Private investigator. Ms. Lolk continues to live and work in Golden, Colorado.

Gary Lozow – Denver defense lawyer for Thomas C “Doc” Miller. Mr. Lozow continues to practice law in Denver.

Patrick Maroney – CBI agent. Mr. Maroney no longer works for the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.

Jim Martin – Former University of Colorado (Boulder) Regent and friend of Jay Elowsky who wrote to the Judge of Elowsky’s trial on his behalf. Mr. martin is now a Professor of Computer Science at CU Boulder.

Jose Martin – Spanish businessman whom John Ramsey flew to Madrid, Spain in 1998 for a business meeting with Mr. Martin and Jaleo Software.

Carol McKinley – Reporter for Fox News. Ms. McKinley works as an on air reporter for HDNET’s World Report and writes for Colorado View magazine. She lives in the Denver area.

Kyle McKinley – An employee of Rockwell Int., Inc. and one of the “Rocky Flats 5.”

Bill McReynolds – Played Santa Claus at Ramsey holiday parties. The Ramseys named Mr. McReynolds as a suspect. Mr. McReynolds was cleared as a suspect. He died September 1, 2002.

Dr John Meyer – Boulder County coroner, performed autopsy on JonBenet’s body. Dr. Meyer announced his retirement as Boulder Coroner in January 2010.

Bryan Morgan – Boulder lawyer and law partner of Hal Haddon. Mr. Morgan continues to practice law in Denver at Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordan, Mackey, and Foreman.

Joe Mullins – An editor and writer for The Globe.

Christopher Munch – District Court judge in Jefferson County. Judge Munch is retired.

Ed Naimon – An employee of Rockwell Int., Inc. who was one of the “Rocky Flats 5.” Mr. Naimon works for a Web Hosting Company in Boulder.

Mike Norton – Former U.S. District Attorney for Colorado under George H. Bush who refused to indict the “Rocky Flats 5.” Mr. Norton resigned in 1993 and is now senior member of a Denver law firm.

Michael O’Keefe – Denver reporter who unmasked corruption at Rocky Flats with Patricia Calhoun and Bryan. Abas. Now reports for the New York Daily News.

Jeff Pagliuca – Denver defense lawyer for Craig Lewis. Mr. Pagliuca continues to practice law in Denver and is a shareholder in the firm Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordan, Mackey, and Foreman.

Don and Nedra Paugh – Father and mother of Patsy Ramsey. Nedra Paugh died in 2001. Mr. Paugh remarried and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pam and Polly Paugh – Sisters of Patsy Ramsey. Each continues to reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Judith Phillips – Photographer and Ramsey family friend, wife to author, Thomas C. “Doc” Miller. Ms. Phillips is happily married and continues to work in photography.

Robert Phillips – Former husband of Judith Phillips. Mr. Phillips practices law in Louisville, Colorado.

Susan Pollvogt – Denver lawyer who represented Dan Glick.  Ms. Pollvogt is now a Professor at University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Linda Hoffman-Pugh – The Ramsey housekeeper. Ms. Pugh and her husband, Merv, retired to a small, Colorado town.

JonBenet Ramsey – Born August 6, 1990, died December 26, 1996.

John Ramsey – Father of JonBenet Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey founded Fair Justice Foundation in 2009, seeking tips and information in the murder of JonBenet. Mr. Ramsey resides in Atlanta.

Patsy Ramsey – Mother of JonBenet Ramsey, wife to John Ramsey, died July 15, 2006.

Burke Ramsey – First child of John and Patsy Ramsey, age 9 years 11 months the night of the murder. Mr. Ramsey graduated from Purdue University in 2009.

James and Regana Rapp – Information brokers prosecuted in Jefferson County. Mr. and Mrs. Rapp reside in Parker, Colorado.

Dan Recht – Defense lawyer for The Globe. Mr. Recht continues to practice law in Denver.

Dave Rogers – Former roommate of J.T. Colfax. Worked for Denver undertaker and enjoyed photographing dead corpses.

Brett Sawyer – Private investigator hired by The Globe. Mr. Sawyer wishes to remain anonymous.

Lawrence Schiller – Author of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town. Mr. Schiller is the Director of the Norman Mailer Writers’ Colony in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and works as a consultant for NBC News. Mr. Schiller lives in California.

Warren Schmelzer – An engineer for Boulder’s Specialized Engineering who was attacked with a baseball bat by Ramsey friend, Jay Elowsky.

Jeff Shapiro (“Idiot Boy”) – Reporter for tabloid magazine, The Globe. Mr. Shapiro went to law school and now labels himself as a lawyer and investigative journalist. He is employed as a prosecutor in Washington, D.C.

Peter Shields – Lawyer for Brett Sawyer. Mr. Shields is senior partner at a Washington, D.C. law firm.

Lou Smit – Homicide investigator hired by DA’s Hunter and Lacy who promoted the intruder theory. Mr. Smit is retired. His most recent statement on a website dealing with the JonBenet case of December 26, 2009 is “I just feel that someday by some effort, the case will be solved. Somebody knows something.”

Jack Smith – Former Colorado Arapahoe County District Court Judge, now retired.

Larry Smith – Lab technician at Boulder’s Photocraft. Mr. Smith wishes to remain anonymous.

Susan Smith – Woman in national headlines in 1994, who claimed a black man abducted her
children after she had drown them. Ms. Smith continues serving a life sentence.

John South – Reporter for The National Enquirer continues reporting today.

John Stavely – Lawyer at Bynum’s Boulder law firm who represented Jay Elowsky. Mr Stavely is now a Boulder County Court judge.

Harvey Steinberg – High profile lawyer who defended J. T. Colfax. Mr. Steinberg continues to practice law in Denver.

Susan Stine – Ramsey family friend who provided a Boulder hideout for the Ramseys. Ms. Stein was discovered disguising herself as Police Chief Mark Beckner in e-mails in 2003. She resides in Atlanta, GA.

Jim Stone – Formerly fired employee of Rocky Flats nuclear plant in Golden, Colorado. Mr. Stone tipped the FBI of the improprieties at the plant.

Dave Thomas – Jefferson County District Attorney. Mr. Thomas ran for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat in 2002 and was defeated. He now practices criminal defense in Lakewood, Colorado.

Steve Thomas – Boulder Police Detective. Author of JonBenet Ramsey: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation. Mr. Thomas wishes to remain anonymous.

John Michael Thompson (“J.T. Colfax”) – JonBenet murder suspect in 1997. Mr. Thompson posts on the internet from New York in the area of alternative lifestyles.

Jane Tidball – Jefferson County Court judge who supervised the trial against the author, Thomas C. “Doc” Miller.. Judge Tidball recused herself in a case before her in 2006 upon Doc Miller’s defense motion that their prior experience would not permit her to be impartial. Judge Tidball remains on the bench in Jefferson County.

Michael Tracy – Professor of Journalism/Mass Communications at University of Colorado (Boulder). Mr. Tracy produced three documentaries about the innocence of JonBenet’s parents in the murder of their daughter.

Donald Vacca – Handwriting expert hired by the Ramsey lawyers. Mr. Vacca resides in Colorado where he and his wife, Karen Vacca, operate KD Vacca, Inc.

Cyril Wecht – Criminologist hired by The Globe as a consultant and author of Who Killed JonBenet? Dr. Wecht stepped down as Allegheny County, Pennsylvania coroner in 2006 and continues as an expert in forensic pathology. He heads the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Legal Medicine.

William Weston – An employee of Rockwell Int., Inc., part of the “Rocky Flats 5.”

Fleet and Priscilla White – Ramsey friends. In 2006, DA Mary Keenan-Lacy advised Mr. and Mrs. White that they had been exonerated as suspects in JonBenet’s murder by personal note. They continue to live in Boulder where Mr. White works as an oil and gas consultant.

Tom Wickman – Boulder Police Detective who presented the police case to the Grand Jury. Mr. Wickman is now the Chief of Police in Frisco, Colorado.

Brian Williams – A lower level editor at The Globe.

David Williams – Private investigator hired by the Ramsey lawyers. Mr. Williams continues his investigative practice from the offices of Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordon, Mackey and Foreman.

Bill Wise – Former Chief Deputy District Attorney for Boulder County. Mr. Wise retired from the Boulder District Attorney’s office in 2000.

Cina Wong – Independent handwriting expert employed by Darney Hoffman to examine the Ramsey ransom note.  Ms. Wong continues to practice today.

L.Lin Wood – Ramsey civil lawyer. As of 2010, Mr. Wood advertises himself as “the most dangerous media lawyer in the U.S.” He practices law in Atlanta, Georgia.