Once charges are filed, the prosecuting attorney relies on police reports. Those reports should contain the “facts” of the case. Too often the work busy cops perform doesn’t report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Cops don’t wake in the morning to put innocent persons in prison. They do go to work to find the likely suspects. Too often the defending lawyer doesn’t have the knowhow or experience to find the real culprit.


Law schools do not offer extensive courses in criminal or civil investigations. They do not receive training in locating witnesses or interviewing techniques to dig up the information that makes a reasonable person hesitate, then find you not guilty. As white collar professionals, lawyers sit removed from the nitty gritty facts that separate the accused from the innocent. They work in offices, not the streets.


Your lawyer will receive a copy of the police reports. Will your lawyer believe what’s written, try to twist a non-truth into a weak excuse, or investigate your facts, your truth, to show the evidence of your innocence?


It’s the private eyes working with skilled defense lawyers who lead prosecutors to question their case or cause the jury to proclaim you not guilty. Don’t take a chance with your life. If charged with a crime and the police report didn’t find the whole truth, make absolutely certain your lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and guts to challenge the police reports and bring your truth to the courtroom.